Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting to your destination vacation with a happy toddler can be a challenge, no matter you are traveling by plane, automobile or train. To avoid the disaster with your toddler, here are some tips for vacation with toddler (Part I-getting there), so you can keep safe, sound and happy.

1. Take extra time for arrive early. Traveling with toddlers usually takes longer because you need to make more stops for rest, snack break or clean-ups. Make sure you bring enough diapers, toys, snacks to prepare when you hit flight delays or bad traffic.

2. Bring enough bottled water to make sure your toddlers getting a sippy cup full. Thirsty will make toddlers whining. You can also bring fruits to avoid thirsty during getting vacation destination.

3. Bring old favorite toys of your toddlers such as favorite blanket or teddy bear to keep them comfortable during the trip.

4. Bring some toys that can be played on the way such as little animal figures, Velcro pockets or amount of play-doh to keep them playing and happy throughout the way.

5. Make sure the toys close with your toddlers by putting the toys into car seat, so they can pull toys out easily. It will help them reach the toys by themselves.

6. Playing your toddler's favorite lullabies is a good idea to screen out annoying noise and make your toddler calm and even getting sleep well.

7. Prepare a layer up to make sure the toddler comfortable in any weather.

8. Prepare a sling to keep your toddler close you if it is needed to do. It is will help you keep the toddler balance on your hip.

9. Talk to your doctor to make sure what should to bring as travel emergency kit to make sure your toddler is safe at the disease that often occurs on the way.

10. Be aware that there many things being setbacks. It is normal because your toddler on the unusual condition, even everyone will get out of kilter.

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