Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Taking vacation with school-age kids can be a challenge because you should stimulating, getting and keeping them throughout the event. But, don't worry! Good planning is everything. The following is 10 tips for vacation with school-age kids that will help you enjoy entire the time with them.

1. Introduction. This stage will help children familiar with the vacation destination. Invite them to learn about new surrounding, change in time zones, schedules, the rules during vacation and some safety tips through age- appropriate books, websites and some guides from the vacation destinations.

2. Bring important things where they can't live without such as doll and blankets that they always sleep with. Bring their favorite toys but limit them to bring many toys. Communicate this things with them before the date of departure.

3. Leave everything that will disturb your vacation such as the toy that plays annoying voice and video games console.

4. Turn off the music or radio that can engage their attention and imagination during vacation, it will help them to focus on enjoying the vacation.

5. Bring their favorite snacks, but keep them a secret. Give the snack in the emergency condition and teach them to savor the new foods and meals in the vacation destination. This tip will bring them know many kinds of foods outside of their daily meals.

6. Leave the simple and flexible schedules to adapt to their needs during vacation. Try to forgive them when they do many actions such as running in the wind and screaming in the park.

7. If you want to make a real vacation without them for a while, try to use kids club or babysitting services, so you can get a chance to rest.

8. Choose the hotels that friendly for kids. So, you can avoid some worries about how the kids behave. Go online, ask friends or reviews for recommendations. Getting wrong room will disturb your happy vacation.

9. Keep safe by put copy of many keys information such as the name of hotel, cell phone number, etc in your kids backpack and let them know about the information. If they are separated from you, they know where they should to go.

10. Let them involved into a special schedule during vacation, so they will excited to spend happy time throughout the event. Let them pick up some activities that make them enjoy the real vacation.

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