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Phra Pathom Chedi is the tallest stupa in the world who has an incredible construction and an intriguing history. The stupa has 127 meters of height or about 417 ft that located in Nakhon Pathom, a town that located 50 km west of Bangkok. Phra Pathom Chedi means Holy chedi or the beginning of stupa. The stupa was mentioned in Buddhist scriptures that wrote in 4th century, and it was overbuilt by Khmer (Ancient Cambodia) in 11th century. Furthermore, the stupa was overlooked and overgrown by the jungle. Fortunately, the ruin was built by King Mongkut was finished in 1870.

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The chedi stands in the midle of central square, which covered by shiny brown ceramic tiles. This area often used for markets and fairs throughout religious periods. Near the chedi stands a huge golden Buddha reclining inside a large room.

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The chedi was built based on an intriguing history between King Phraya Kong of Ratchaburi and his son.

One day in the year 870, King Phraya Kong of Ratchabur heard his fortune teller told that if his first child to be a boy who grows so strong and powerful will kill his own father. This prediction makes him worry. When the birth day came, he ordered the child to be killed, however the queen brings the newly born baby boy to 'Yai Hom'- an old woman living in the jungle.

Some years later, the boy was named Phraya Pan was adopted by the king of Kanchanaburi. Several years later, King Phraya Kong of Ratchabur failed to pay the due to taxes to the king of Kanchanaburi. Furthermore, king of Kanchanaburi states war to the King Phraya Kong of Ratchabur and sent an army was led by Phraya Pan, the son of King Phraya Kong. As predicted, Phraya Pan killed his own father and took possession of the town. As the tradition granted him, he takes the wife of King Phraya Kong of
Ratchabur as his concubine, which is none other than his own mother. However, she told him the real history of his birth. Phraya Pan was angry about and killed the old women who raised him because she never tell him the truth. After he killed the women, he realised his terrible crime and redeem himself by building the highest chedi ever built.

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Phra Pathom Chedi is not only the best religy spot of vacation in Thailand but also a source of great history for a historian who want to explore about Buddhist.

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