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Sipadan island is one of the 5 nice islands for vacation in Malaysia. This island allows you enjoy snorkeling and diving, where not all of the island provide this service. Snorkeling and diving are the top services on the island,even there are some agents travel who refused to serve tourists who do not take the snorkeling and diving. Yes, snorkeling and diving is the icon of the island in addition to the beautiful scenery and the clean white sand around the edge of the island.

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In this article I will share about snorkeling and diving in Sipadan Island, how do you reach the island, what the experience you earn and tips that you should take during snorkeling and diving.

If you take a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, you need 3 hours of flight and if you take a hotel in Kota Kinabalu in Borneo you need a flight for 55 minutes fatherly reach Tuwau. Subsequently, from Semporna Harbour, you will travel with a fast boat to reach the Kapalai or Mabul island about 45 minutes. Then the trip will continued to Sipadan Island for 25 minutes if you are from Mabul and 15 minutes if you are from Kapalai.

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Snorkeling will take you enjoy shallow sea filled with beautiful coral reef with small fishes dazzling colors and a small herd of turtles to giant turtles. You could be touching them and it is fabulous. If you have more guts, you can dive and saw barracuda, a huge shoal of giant 'lumphead' fish, large sharks, a large turtle and bufferfly fish. You could touch them, it's awesome.

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One thing you should consider is the manager of this island only allows 120 visitors per day, so you have to book several days in advance to get a turn. It's good you also bring your own food and drinks, because the island does not provide a restaurant with a menu suitable for the tastes of foreigners abroad. You will only see Malaysian food as bland chicken, rice and vegetables.

I hope this article will help you to get your best holidays in Sipadan Island-Malaysia.

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  1. gak nyangka bisa jadi tempat seru untuk Diving, kenapa pemerintah kita gak melihatnya ya

    1. Iya, soalnya pemerintah kurang fokus memeprhatikan pariwisata.