Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dreamland Beach is one of the famous beaches in Bali are visited by foreign and domestic tourists. Actually, what's the secret of the beach so it always crowded with tourists?

1. Beautiful name

Unlike other beaches, this beach has a beautiful name and make visitors curious. "Dreamland" is a name that can anesthetize every person who dreams of a wonderful and beautiful place like in heaven. Everyone who heard it, definitely want to prove whether this beach is really a dream land?

2. A view to the beach

When you enter Dreamland beach area, you will be treated to beautiful scenery. Thousands of acres of green golf courses, beautiful gardens and beautiful villas are scattered in the region. This scene really spoil the visitors who love the natural scenery with an expert touch of a gentle hand garden arrangement. This scenery will make you feel at home and comfortable throughout the area to ​​the beach.

3. Cliffs and Rocks

Cliffs and towering rocks along the coast is an eye-catching view of every visitor who came to this beach. They seemed to wave and call to visit again and again. They can also be a nice background for taking pictures of the visitors who have a hobby of photography.

4. White sand and waves

Clean white sand along the beach allows all visitors to lay down comfortably even without a base while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views of the surrounding beaches.

Tall and big waves also provide comfort for visitors to enjoy surfing and other marine sports. Currently, this beach has a new surf spots in Bali.

5. Culinary experience

This beach also presents a memorable culinary experience. You can enjoy a variety of Indonesian cuisine that eliminates your hunger and thirst that are provided at the food courts that was provided by coastal managers. Here, you will easily find your favorite food and beverages.

Well, here's the five secret why Dreamland beach are able to invite many visitors throughout the year, especially in the holiday season. Interested to visit this beach? Plan your holiday as soon as possible and enjoy "a dream land."


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