Monday, October 28, 2013

When you hear the word "Bali", I am sure you will imagine the tropical island paradise with many best vacation ideas. Yes, Bali to be a major international tourist destination that provides many nice place for vacation for both budget backpackers and 5 star resort tourists. The island offers excellent SCUBA diving, enjoy gorgeous beaches and see a rich cultural heritage. The following is best vacation ideas in Bali during your holidays.

1. Enjoy the beaches

Bali has many beautiful beaches that will offer you many nice activities on the beach such as swimming, diving, snorkeling and surfing. Most of the beaches are on the southern of the island, this position allow you to enjoy many beach in one route. Sanur and Nusa Dua beach are the best choice, because the beaches offer resort that suitable for all tourist both backpackers and 5 star tourists. If you want to enjoy the tranquil beaches, you can visit some beaches on the north coast such as Lovina beach. These beaches are also providing good resort for backpackers and 5 star tourists.

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2. Enjoy the cultural of Bali

The best place for this vacation is Ubud. It is the cultural hub of Bali. The city is the fused together of the several villages that has many shrines and temples. Here, you can find arts and crafts easily that provides batik, sculpture, leatherwork and other crafts. If you want to enjoy the nice landscape, you can visit the north of town that provides the most beautiful terraced rice paddy. Other than that, you can also enjoy the Indonesian gamelan concerts on most nights.

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3. Volcano adventure

Bali is the small island that has many passive and active volcanoes that allow you to trek the peaks without climbing equipment. The best volcanoes for your adventure are Gunung (Mount) Batur and Gunung (Mount)Agung. If you want to trek the volcanoes, there are guide tours that will help you. The two mounts will show you hot rocks, fumaroles and streams of green scalding sulfurous water.

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Enjoying the vacation that suitable with your hobby and passion is the wise decision, hopefully the best vacation ideas in Bali will help you to reach your best vacation during your holidays.


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