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Bali is an island between the islands of Java and Lombok that have a sandy beach area about 2 thousand miles, a tropical rainforest and a number of volcano. About 3 million people live on this island and about 500 thousand people live in Denpasar, Bali's capital city. The following is piece of the story about Bali.

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History of Bali

Bali has three cultural era is pre-history, Hindu-Buddhist and modern. Prehistoric era dominated by the independent skills to find a way to hunt and grow crops. Hindu-Buddhist era is the era of amalgamation of Hindu and Buddhist religion with folk traditions. The modern era is marked by the arrival of Dutch control of Indonesia and introduced Western culture to the people of Bali. Since then Bali began to be known by a stranger until now.

Population of Bali

Bali's population comes from many ethnic groups include the original inhabitants of Bali, China, India, Arabia, the Philippines and the people of Oceania are fused into Bali residents with livelihood as fishermen, farmers and traders. One thing that really stands out from the lives of the Balinese are Hindu religion plays an important role in their lives that manifest in their everyday life, traditional ceremonies, weddings, celebrations and funerals to burn the bodies, known as "cremation" or NGABEN.

Landscape of Bali

The scenery in Bali included beaches, lakes and paddy fields by terracing system. South beach with white sand, north beach with black sand and partly surrounded by high cliffs and coral reefs at the bottom of coastal waters. Lakes in Bali also add diversity sights in Bali which is surrounded by tropical rainforest. Two famous lakes in Bali, Batur Lake and Kintamani Lake. Rice fields with beautiful terraces system also becomes beautiful part of scenery in Bali. These areas are scattered around the hills and mountains around the area of Bali.

Flora and Fauna

Most of the flora and fauna inhabit the tropical rain forests in Bali. Bali Tiger is one wild animal now extinct. To prevent the extinction of flora and fauna, has now built West Bali National Park as a center for the preservation of wildlife and plants. Existing wildlife in the park include monkeys, deer, and more than 300 hundred species of birds. Some plants are well cared for at this park is bamboo, coconut palms, magnolia, frangipani, hibiscus and jasmine; many of these flowers hold a special place in festivals and religious celebrations.
Diving is the most major activities in Bali. Million of travelers try to learn and spend their time for the water sport. So, how to combine among low prices, high standards and outstanding tropical dive sites in Bali? The following is five tips for diving in Bali that contains some numbers of precautions that will keep you safe from the reefs and wrecks of Bali and get a pleasurable experience.

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Choose one of the nice beaches for diving on the east coast or the northeastern corner of Bali. Kuta and Seminyak are recommended for the goal. There are many
Dive operators ferry clients by mini-bus from the both of beaches. If you want to determine your diving base, Tulamben and Candi Dasa are examples of towns with right diving sites.


Try to investigate some dive operators by checking out their rates, making sure their equipment and looking at their dive boat if possible. It is important to get low price with high standard. Tell to the dive operator how long you will dive and inquire about having a set of rental equipment for your sole use throughout your stay.


Make sure you have ideal weights, it is important for asking some weights to your weight belt. Different equipment plus any weight loss or gain can influence your buoyancy. If you are doubt ask to make a little heavier than a lot lighter.


Once you arrive at the dive shop or dock, inspect your rental gear thoroughly, especially the regulator before the first dive. Your safety depends on how well this unfamiliar equipment works.


Study all the dive sites of the day, understand the dive plan and exercise basic underwater navigation techniques. So, exercise a self-help attitude at all times.

Hopefully, five tips for diving in Bali as above will help you for getting best experience.

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Bali's beautiful beaches and unique culture have attracted million of Westerners for many decades for spending holidays. Most of them stay for some days even for some months in Bali. So it is important to make some plans before you go. These nice tips to get vacation in Bali, you should take to make sure your travel smooth and free from hassle.

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Travel Preparation


Check your passport and watch the expiration date. Make sure that it has six months' validity, because like many countries, Indonesia will accept you if your passport meet range of the time from the date of your arrival in the country. If yours does not, please renew it before you determine your departure.


Once you get to Denpasar's international airport, prepare a packet of materials to apply for a Visa Arrival. For the application, you will charge about $50 in cash and prepare your passport, two passport photos and proof of your return flight. The tourist visa will allow you stay in Bali for 30 days.


Make sure you prepare your health kit such as deep woods mosquito repellent to guard against dengue fever and malaria if you want to spend long periods in the rural interior of Bali for trekking. Strong sunblock is also important be prepared to cope Bali's equator sunshine.

During stay in Bali


Choose a vacation destination you want to use as a base like beaches, shopping spots or resorts. There are many hotels and resorts around the beaches you want to visit that serve in a very good fit for your budget range and interests. Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua Beach are nice places for your base at once for surfing.


Prepare your book trips on guided mini-bus tours to make sure you enjoy on the ground you cover. Even, travelers who normally unwilling use it should take at least one of these when stay in Bali.


Surf or scuba dive is a major activities for most tourists in Bali. When you want to surf, learn how to surf. You can ask it at some surf guides that provided by the resorts. Here, you will find cheap price by both regional and international criteria. Most of scuba and surf school in Bali offers regular classes for beginners.


Take the time to go to Ubud. The small town in south-central Bali provides crafts and performing arts at once you can see full of shrines in Bali.
Ubud also the most central location for visiting many of Bali's historic ruins, such as the Elephant Cave, a Hindu sanctuary built in the ninth century.

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When you hear the word "Bali", I am sure you will imagine the tropical island paradise with many best vacation ideas. Yes, Bali to be a major international tourist destination that provides many nice place for vacation for both budget backpackers and 5 star resort tourists. The island offers excellent SCUBA diving, enjoy gorgeous beaches and see a rich cultural heritage. The following is best vacation ideas in Bali during your holidays.

1. Enjoy the beaches

Bali has many beautiful beaches that will offer you many nice activities on the beach such as swimming, diving, snorkeling and surfing. Most of the beaches are on the southern of the island, this position allow you to enjoy many beach in one route. Sanur and Nusa Dua beach are the best choice, because the beaches offer resort that suitable for all tourist both backpackers and 5 star tourists. If you want to enjoy the tranquil beaches, you can visit some beaches on the north coast such as Lovina beach. These beaches are also providing good resort for backpackers and 5 star tourists.

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2. Enjoy the cultural of Bali

The best place for this vacation is Ubud. It is the cultural hub of Bali. The city is the fused together of the several villages that has many shrines and temples. Here, you can find arts and crafts easily that provides batik, sculpture, leatherwork and other crafts. If you want to enjoy the nice landscape, you can visit the north of town that provides the most beautiful terraced rice paddy. Other than that, you can also enjoy the Indonesian gamelan concerts on most nights.

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3. Volcano adventure

Bali is the small island that has many passive and active volcanoes that allow you to trek the peaks without climbing equipment. The best volcanoes for your adventure are Gunung (Mount) Batur and Gunung (Mount)Agung. If you want to trek the volcanoes, there are guide tours that will help you. The two mounts will show you hot rocks, fumaroles and streams of green scalding sulfurous water.

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Enjoying the vacation that suitable with your hobby and passion is the wise decision, hopefully the best vacation ideas in Bali will help you to reach your best vacation during your holidays.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thailand is one of the most wanted countries for vacation in South East Asia, every year more than 200,000 travelers come to the country. Most of vacation destination in Thailand provide personal, friendly and efficient service based on the desire of the guests, that's why the country be a favorite country for spending holidays. So, if you want to visit the country, it is the good idea. Here, i will share you the popular vacation destinations in Thailand for completing your reference.

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand as well as the most vibrant city. It combines the ancient and modern vacation destinations, where you can see, buy and eat what you want. Here you will find the combination of modern city life and Buddhist traditions. It is very nice knowledge as well as a good inspiration for you who like learn about foreign cultures. In this city there are some ancient buildings such as Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Royal Palace with roofs and golden stupas and 400 others temples.

Some modern buildings are also stand in this city. You will easy find luxury hotels, dining and entertainment opportunities, shopping centers, malls and department stores.

If you want to enjoy natural vacation, Bangkok is also provides Kanchanaburi or Bridge over River Kwai, where you can find the ancient city Ayutthaya with its impressive ruins or drive to Damnoen Saduak with its floating market.

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2. Phuket

Phuket is the most popular vacation destination in Thailand which provides sandy beaches, offshore smaller islands with coral reefs, crystal clear sea, the green hills that allow you to get fresh air, nice sceneries and opportunities for sightseeing, sports and adventure activities.

Phuket is also provides luxury hotels, restaurant, shopping centers, nightlife and entertainment facilities for the guests. So, you will get what you want in one spot.

Phang Nga Bay and Khao Sok National Park are also the good destinations for spending your holidays. Meanwhile, Patong and Karon is the best beaches in the west side of the island. If you want to enjoy the quietest beaches, you can visit Kata Noi, Pansea By and Nai Harn.

Yes, Phuket is the most wanted island for your best vacation.

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3. Pattaya

Pattaya is the most cosmopolitan beach city in Thailand. It has a three kilometer long sandy beach set in a wide bay about 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya provides a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle, where you can enjoy diverse restaurants, nightlife, shopping centers as well as boat excursions to nearby islands. Pattaya is also promises you will never bored enjoy various water sports and sporting activities, including golf at a choice of courses. Here, you will easy getting hotels to stay during your vacation.

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Yes, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya is the popular vacation destinations in Thailand. Hopefully this article will help you for determining the best vacation destinations in the country.

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Go for vacation with children and family is the best moment to get special memories as well as giving knowledge to children about some important information in the vacation destination. This moment can be the best moment for children for getting new knowledge. However, it is not easy task for determining the right places for the goal. Here, I will share you 5 vacation destinations in Singapore for children and families for your reference before you determine your vacation destination.

1. Universal Studio

Universal Studio is the best entertainment for children and families. Here, there are plenty of games for children and families. You can also enjoy many popular films suitable fatherly kids as well as introducing them to the ways of making films. Here the children will gain a little knowledge about filming.

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2. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is a zoo that contains thousands of rare species that have become extinct. This place is very good to introduce various types of protected animals to children, so they had compassion for animals. In addition the children will gain more knowledge about animals.

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3. Night Safari

Night Safari is a most unique zoo in Malaysia. Here, you can take the children to see and know the animals at night. Night Safari is the only zoo that can be visited at night. The Zoo has thousands of animals that are protected. Children and families can enjoy the Night Safari by riding tram that is provided by the management of the zoo. I'm sure Night Safari will provide memorable memories with family.

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4. Museum of Singapore

Visit the museum is also a good idea to provide additional knowledge for children and families. Singapore has some museum that presents the history and cultural development of Singapore. Museums include the National Museum and Singapore Art Museum. The museum is well-organized and attractive, so that the protesters both children and families will feel at home enjoying all the information in this museum.

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5. Science Center

Science center is a place that serves science for all visitors, including about humans, earth, water, animals and much more. This place is a good place to gain knowledge. Vacation and learning. Here, children can also learn a lot of science and math with fun. Sure, the Science Center is a good place for kids and families.

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I hope the article will help you to find 5 vacation destinations in Singapore for children and families. Here, you just need book one hotel or home stay to live in Singapore during your vacation because of all destination is near one with other.

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When you determine your vacation in Malaysia, it is a good idea if you realize that Malaysia is the country that contains two geographically separated regions, namely Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo (Sarawak and Sabah). So, you can choose which the geographic you want to visit. The two geographic regions provide best vacation ideas in Malaysia. To know more the ideas, please follow this article completely.

1. Malaysian Borneo ( Sarawak and Sabah)

When you wan to get natural adventure during your vacation, it is a good idea if you choose Malaysian Borneo. The geographic offers you the natural environment which show the virgin area both land and waters. Malaysian Borneo contains two regions, Sarawak and Sabah.

Sarawak full of vacation destination that will bring you to see Malaysian culture such as Kuan Yin Tong Temple Bintulu Serawak, Sejarah Council Negeri Monument Bintulu, Kampung Jepak Bintulu, Kuil Tua Pek Kong, Fort Margerita and others. In this region you can also enjoy some natural vacation destinations like Lio Matoh Sarawak, Raft Safari Sarawak, Pantai Lundu Kuching, and Fairy Caves Sarawak. Yes, Sarawak is the best place for vacation as well as study or research. Every year, thousands people visit the region to know more about the Malaysian culture in this region.

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Sabah has a famous island- Sipadan Island- where thousands people have visit the island for diving and snorkeling to touch the sea turtles and many fish in the beach of the island. Sipadan Island is the best beach for those who want to spending their holidays by enjoying diving, snorkeling and getting an amazing experience for touching many marine life.

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2. Peninsular Malaysia

Peninsular Malaysia contains many regions such as Johor, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kedah, Perlis and others. Here, you will find many vacation destinations both nature and modern. Here, you will see modern vacation destinations such as Legoland Johor Bahru and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor, Petronas Twin Towers and Malysian Phillharmonic Orchestra in Kuala Lumpur, The Center of Science in Kuala Lumpur and others. Some natural vacation destinations in Peninsular Malaysia are abundant. The famous destination is Langkawi. In this region you will enjoy Langkawi Beach, Telaga Harbour Park langkawi, Marine Park Langkawi, Teluk Yu Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Beach Langkawi, Langsir Cave Langkawi and other beautiful place in Langkawi.

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I hope this article will help you to get best vacation ideas in Malaysia. I know that this article is not complete to tell about Malaysian vacation destinations, but hopefully it will add your reference when want to visit Malaysia.

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