Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1. Pangkor Island, Perak

Pangkor island is one of the famous islands for vacation both domestic and foreign tourists. It is good destination for nature lovers who want to spend impressing time by playing on the white sand and enjoy marine life. In this island, you can also diving, fishing, snorkeling, playing many beach games or traveling on board for enjoy landscapes throughout the island.

2. Sipadan Island, Sabah

Sipadan island is an island that has clear water, soft sand, and a dazzling array of marine life. This island is famous as the best place for diving into the world because it has an important environmental reserve. Here, divers can catch a glimpse of turtles, leaf scorpions, mantis shrimps, and whale sharks.

3. Langkawi Island, Kedah

Langkawi island is known as the "jewel of Kedah." It has more than 100 small islands that called as "World Geopark" by UNESCO. This island not only has sand and surf but also has waterfalls and landscapes of the island.

4. Tioman Island, Pahang

Tioman island is also one of many charming holiday destinations that has a marine park and beautiful coral reefs. Here, you can catch the colorful and exotic tropical fish that are difficult to find in another place. This island is a haven for divers and snorkelers. In this island, you can see nature reserve's species such as slow loris, binturong, porcupine, mouse deer and a variety of squirrels.

5. Redang Island, Terengganu

Redang island is known as turtle sanctuary and the heaven of natural beauty. It is also the largest island in Terengganu that has a thriving marine park. Here, you can also snorkeling, diving and trekking on the island cruise.

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