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Thailand is a country that has many best vacation destinations in Southeast Asia. The destinations allow you to spend holidays with swimming, diving, snorkeling or just laying on the clean white sand for enjoying beautiful scenery around the beach. Follow this article to know more about top 5 best vacation destinations in Thailand, so you get the reference for your vacation planning in Thailand.

1. Phuket

Phuket is the most popular and largest beach destination in Asia. Most of people around the world who love spending holidays on the beach ever hear Phuket. The beach is located in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. It has clean white sand that allows you for lay on while enjoy beautiful scenery around the beach and enjoy the fresh wind of the sea. Phuket also allows you for surfing, diving, snorkeling and doing many sea sport activities. If you visit to the beach, you will find the breathtaking tropical sunsets, colorful sceneries and enjoy sea food cuisines. Yes, Phuket is an unforgettable vacation memory.

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2. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located at the north of Thailand. It includes the most desirable beach vacation destination in Thailand. Here, you will find the nice weather especially on December. One thing that makes this beach being the most vacation destination is the friendly people and many cultures that different with another place. When you visit the place, you will find different kind of food, Nai Soi people with the long necks and many things to learn.

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3. Pattaya

Pattaya is a city at the picturesque bay of the East Coast of the gulf of Thailand that being the most favorite vacation destination in South East Asia. Pattaya offers many sea sport activities such as surfing, diving, skiing and much more. Here, you can also enjoy many kinds of attractions such as Pattaya Park, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Underwater World and much more. Yes, Pattaya will provide an exciting and impressing vacation.

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4. Koh Chang

Koh Chang has beaches, chain of white sandy coves, rain forest, coral reefs, marine life and many kinds of cuisine that allow you spending your holidays with many impressing activities. That’s why the place is the most popular vacation destination. Here, you can do many water-based activities such as swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing as well as do land-based activities like hiking in the rain forests and mountains. Yes, Koh Chang promises the nice and unforgettable vacation.

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5. Krabi

Krabi is the vacation paradise. Here, you can enjoy many water-based activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing and much more. White sand, cloudless blue ski, fresh air and green palm trees are other attractions of the place. Snorkeling is the most favorite activity for enjoying marine life although they are seen while riding the boat.

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Now, you can determine which the best destination you want to go among the top 5 best destinations in Thailand above for getting exciting and unforgettable vacation memories with your loved ones.

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Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia that has many best vacation spots in many kinds such as parks, gardens, shopping centers and cultures. In this session, I will present some best vacation spots in Singapore that contain of parks and gardens that can be a reference for your vacation.

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1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is the popular Singapore resort that is covered by secondary rainforest. The island is the largest island in Singapore that has fresh air and beautiful views.

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2. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is the home of thousands kinds of bird as Wildlife reserves of Singapore. The park was built on the 50 acres on the western slop of Jurong Hill. Other than you can know kinds of bird, you can also enjoy the beautiful garden throughout the park.

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3. Singapore Botanical Garden

Singapore Botanical Garden is a garden that lies on the 183 acres of land. The garden has a beautiful pattern in the middle and surrounded by many kinds of plants that arranged well to create the best place for getting fresh air throughout the day.

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4. Singapore Zoological Garden

Singapore Zoological Garden is the garden on the margin of upper shelter reservoirs that has heavily forested area. The garden was built on the 28 acres of land as the home for about 315 species of animals. It is the best place for your children to know many kinds of animals.

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5. Singapore Underwater World

Singapore Underwater World is the giant oceanarium that located on off shore of Sentosa Island. It is the home of 2500 marine animals and 250 species of fish. Here, you can see and enjoy many kind attractions of marine animal through the aisle under the oceanarium.

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Hot Tip:

When you take a vacation in Singapore, you will easy to find best hotels in the country that near with the vacation spots. But, it is a good idea if you avoid in November up to January, because most of the area within the country receive heavy rain and in April up to May, because you will find the hottest weather. So, try to visit the country during winter vacation. During the season, you will find many kinds of festivals and celebrations.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Malaysia is one of many countries in Southeast Asia that has best beach resorts. Based on the rate of visitors there are 5 best Malaysia beach resorts for vacation during your holiday. Follow this article to know more about the resorts.

1. Casa Del Mar Langkawi

Casa Del Mar Langkawi is located on Cenang Beach. The resort includes the most popular in Langkawi that provides a wide selection of pubs and restaurants. Casa Del Mar Langkawi has hotel rooms with air-conditioning and ceiling fans. All the hotel room faces toward the sea, so you can enjoy the nice scenery through the wide window and door, although you are on your bed.

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2. Danna Langkawi

Danna Langkawi is located on Kok Beach, the northwest of Langkawi Beach. This resort has five-storey building with spectacular views over the mountains, marina and the sea. It also provides additional facilities such as game's room, fitness center and spa. All part at the hotel is designed on the local architectural and British colonial with the courtyard faces the pool. The hotel has 125 rooms that accompanied by a host of modern amenities.

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3. Datai Langkawi

Datai Langkawi offers a variety of villas that are set near a tropical rainforest atmosphere and the beach. The resort provides plentiful facilities such as two large pools, sauna, health club and a gym center. One of the pools is built to elevate near among forest canopy and allows to see on the sea, while the other pool is located along the beach that allows you to enjoy refreshing sea wind. This resort offers five special restaurants with the global cuisines that are located near the rainforest canopy. In short, this resort provides freshness of the rainforest canopy and sea wind.

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4. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is located on the Tanjung Rhu Beach. The resort has pavilions and villas that allow you to hear sounds of the Andaman Sea and see the sunset beyond the beach. All facility of the resort is designed in combination of a fusion of traditional Malaysian and contemporary. Here, you can enjoy your privacy with the view of the blue sea. All the pavilion and villa are accompanied with the patio which is completed with a dining table. The resort allows you browsing with the high-speed internet.

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5. Westin Langkawi Resort

Westin Langkawi Resort is located on the Langkawi Island. The resort offers its own private beach. The resort is designed for the comfort contemporary rooms that are accompanied with the infinity pool and relaxation ocean pool with the neighboring island and white-sand views. All the room of the resort is accompanied with the 42"TV plasma and the internet access.

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Jimbaran Beach is the famous beach in Bali. Before the beach being a beautiful resort, it is the fishing village where a place to dock fishing or sailing locals after fishing. After the local government inaugurating the beach being the tourists resort, the condition of the beach is changed. There are many facilities that allow tourists both domestic and foreign feel at home on the beach. The following is all about Jimbaran Beach in Bali.

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1. Location

Jimbaran Beach is located in the southern part of Bali Island. The beach is including in the Badung regency and needs about 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Jimbaran Bali is near with Kute Beach and Nusa Dua Beach, so you need one way along the beaches.

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2. Attractions

Uluwatu Temple and Garuda Wisnu Kencana is two locations that interesting to visit. Uluwatu Temple is the temple which believed as Bali's spiritual pillar. This temple has a beautiful sunset background such as Tanah Lot Temple and has ancient sculptures as traditionally-designed gateways.

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Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a cultural park of Bali. The park is marked by a gigantic statue of Vishnu riding upon the back of a ‘Garuda’ which dedicated to embrace as well as preserve the art, cultural, culinary, and spiritual aspects of the island. Here, you can enjoy traditional cultural and art performances of Bali.

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3. Hotels and Restaurants

Around the Jimbaran Beach, there are many luxury hotels offer a home away from home, which allows you to explore and enjoy the beautiful of Jimbaran bay and many kinds of cuisines of Jimbaran Bali's seafood. If you want to enjoy some foods at outside of your hotels, you can find about 40 restaurants on the cafe-based that provide many kinds of drinks and seafood cuisines.

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4. Shopping and Nightlife

Jimbaran Beach offers some antique outlets and qualified stores that provide export-oriented products at the fixed prices, although fewer options than other tourist's areas such as in Legian or Kute. The outlets and stores display qualified of water sport adventure, glazed ceramic, pottery and handicraft. The entire product is a notable island-based manufacture.

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If you want to enjoy your night, Jimbaran Beach also provides some clubs that allow you to celebrate some special days such as beach party, independent day and New Years Eve. But, the clubs are less frantic than in Legian, Kute or Seminyak.

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Spending your holidays in Jimbaran Beach-Bali, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy all your days and night with the spectacular and memorable moments.

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Getting to your destination vacation with a happy toddler can be a challenge, no matter you are traveling by plane, automobile or train. To avoid the disaster with your toddler, here are some tips for vacation with toddler (Part I-getting there), so you can keep safe, sound and happy.

1. Take extra time for arrive early. Traveling with toddlers usually takes longer because you need to make more stops for rest, snack break or clean-ups. Make sure you bring enough diapers, toys, snacks to prepare when you hit flight delays or bad traffic.

2. Bring enough bottled water to make sure your toddlers getting a sippy cup full. Thirsty will make toddlers whining. You can also bring fruits to avoid thirsty during getting vacation destination.

3. Bring old favorite toys of your toddlers such as favorite blanket or teddy bear to keep them comfortable during the trip.

4. Bring some toys that can be played on the way such as little animal figures, Velcro pockets or amount of play-doh to keep them playing and happy throughout the way.

5. Make sure the toys close with your toddlers by putting the toys into car seat, so they can pull toys out easily. It will help them reach the toys by themselves.

6. Playing your toddler's favorite lullabies is a good idea to screen out annoying noise and make your toddler calm and even getting sleep well.

7. Prepare a layer up to make sure the toddler comfortable in any weather.

8. Prepare a sling to keep your toddler close you if it is needed to do. It is will help you keep the toddler balance on your hip.

9. Talk to your doctor to make sure what should to bring as travel emergency kit to make sure your toddler is safe at the disease that often occurs on the way.

10. Be aware that there many things being setbacks. It is normal because your toddler on the unusual condition, even everyone will get out of kilter.

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Brunei is a peaceful Muslim country and has many tourist attractions. Here, I will share top 5 tourists attractions in Brunei, hopefully help you to determine the best place for vacation in Asia.

1. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is the mojor landmark of Brunei. It is located at Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of the country. In the night, the mosque looks glows in the dark and appears as the magnificent mosque. It contains 28 domes that show as a symbol of the 28th Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III. If you are a moslem, pray in the mosque will be an impressing experience.

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2. Royal Regalia Building

The building offers the full regalia of Sultan such as crown and royal chariot and the massive collection of treasure. Here, you can pick up some pictures, but in the entrance area only, in the building you can't take a picture at all.

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3. Kampong Anyer or Water Village

Kampong Anyer is a prehistoric village that is built on the stilts above of the Brunei River. This village shown cultural and historical heritage that is known as the largest water village in the world. It is also called as "Venice of the East" that means the transportation consists of water taxis and plank walkways.

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4. Istana Nurul Iman

The palace is the official residence of the sultan of Brunei. It is situated on the luxuriant area of the hills of the Brunei River at the south of Bandar Seri Begawan. The building is about a few miles from the city center. Istana Nurul Iman means the palace of the faith light. The palace is also known as the largest residential palace in the world. During Hari Raya Idilfitri, the palace is opened for public, so if you are a Moslem, you can come to the palace in the special day.

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5. Ulu Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park is the first of a national park in Brunei. It is protected since 1991 and still being the most preservation area in Brunei. Here, you can enjoy the Canopy Walkway and see the rainforest from the ridge of the mountain that has the distance of over 60 meters. The scenery gives you relaxation and refreshing.

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Palawan is the most popular vacation destination in Philippines. The island has been declared as a best nature reserve because it has majestic mountain, primitive caves, nude beaches, karst cliffs and rain forests that are really virgin. The island also the best place for diving, snorkeling and swimming. Even, most of the divers say that the island is the paradise island for diving. Coral reefs and colorful marine life are the best magnet for divers to come again and again. The following is 5 best vacation destinations in Palawan-Philippines.

1. Coron Bay

Coron Bay is the most westerly part of Philippines that lies between Busuanga and Culion Islands. Here, you can diving around the area about 20 meters find the wrecks that be housed for many kinds of fish. While, if you want to enjoy the nice rock formations you can be snorkeling throughout the area.

2. Subterranean River

Subterranean River is located about 5o kms away of Puerto Princesa Palawan. It is a world's longest underground river and the nomination of the seven wonders of the world. You can explore the river by paddle boat and enjoying the most natural treasure of a cave in the world. Here, you can also see different limestone formations and the bats on throughout the cave.

3. Honda Bay

Honda Bay is the place of reefs and thousands of fishes. Here, you can find various shapes and color of sea creatures. Honda Bay is the best beach in Palawan that has nice white sand for lying and enjoy the landscapes and perfect side for swimming and snorkeling.

4. El Nido

El Nido is located about 238 kms of north of Puerto Princesa. It is a hidden gem that has the largest wildlife preservation area. Here, you can find mangroves, white-sand beaches, limestone cliffs, coral reefs and rainforest. Yes, the island offers extraordinary natural scenery as well as thousands varieties of fish. El Nido also the best place for divers to find the rare marine mammal, the sea cow. The local community calls it as "dugong."

5. Tubbataha Reefs

The Tubbataha Reefs is the National Park of diving. Here, you can find the most beautiful coral reefs and thousands of marine life. The park is also an underwater sanctuary were being one of the most places for preservation.

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Singapore is a best country for shopping lovers because has a vibrant shopping destination. So, if you are a shopping lover, at least you should come into the country once in your life. Millions of tourists come to Singapore to see some beautiful sights, but they always go home with a huge of shopping bags.

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Each shopping mall in Singapore definitely satisfied consumer needs from high-tech gadgets, fashion, handbags and varied products. Yes, without shopping, your trip to Singapore is totally as being incomplete. The next question, how you can buy some goods with the best prices in Singapore that provides hundreds malls? The following is 5 shopping paradises offer the best goods in the cheapest prices.

1. Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre is included one of Singapore's 24-hours shopping malls that located in 145 Syed Alwi Road. The mall display more than 75,000 items in six-storey building where all items offer in fixed-price, so you will hard to bargain. Here, it is a good idea if you buy mobile phones, cameras, music systems, cosmetics, and Singapore souvenirs, but avoid buying clothes, shoes, and sport apparel because you will not find the cheapest price.

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2. Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza provides more than 500 retail shops, food and beverage establishments and medical centers that located in the midst of Singapore's. Here, you can buy clothes, fashion accessories, modern health care products and jewelers on relatively cheap prices.

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3. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is the largest Singapore' shopping paradise that attracts both foreign and local shopping lovers. It is located near of the BUgis MRT station. Here, you can find 800 shops selling unique locally designed product such as shoes, bag, belt, silver accessories and souvenirs. Prices are negotiable and cheap. It is a good idea if you bargain before buy the things you want.

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4. Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza is one of Singapore's shopping paradise that provides a great place for teenagers to shop. It is located at the heart of the Orchard Road shopping belt. Here, you can buy good items such as clothes, shoes and accessories on negotiable price, so you can get better offers.

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5. Yue Hwa

Yue Hwa is a one-stop-shop for shopping lovers who want to get authentic Chinese's products such as silks, handicrafts, household items, tea and Chinese's herbs and medicines. It is located at the corner of the junction of Eu Tong Sen Street. Here, you will find all items offer in fixed and reasonably prices. This place is suitable for those can't bargain to get better offers.

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One thing needs to note when you want to shop in 5 shopping paradises in Singapore is these shops are near with many kinds of luxury hotels which provide perfect service. So, you will enjoy and feel at home during you live in Singapore.

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Phra Pathom Chedi is the tallest stupa in the world who has an incredible construction and an intriguing history. The stupa has 127 meters of height or about 417 ft that located in Nakhon Pathom, a town that located 50 km west of Bangkok. Phra Pathom Chedi means Holy chedi or the beginning of stupa. The stupa was mentioned in Buddhist scriptures that wrote in 4th century, and it was overbuilt by Khmer (Ancient Cambodia) in 11th century. Furthermore, the stupa was overlooked and overgrown by the jungle. Fortunately, the ruin was built by King Mongkut was finished in 1870.

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The chedi stands in the midle of central square, which covered by shiny brown ceramic tiles. This area often used for markets and fairs throughout religious periods. Near the chedi stands a huge golden Buddha reclining inside a large room.

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The chedi was built based on an intriguing history between King Phraya Kong of Ratchaburi and his son.

One day in the year 870, King Phraya Kong of Ratchabur heard his fortune teller told that if his first child to be a boy who grows so strong and powerful will kill his own father. This prediction makes him worry. When the birth day came, he ordered the child to be killed, however the queen brings the newly born baby boy to 'Yai Hom'- an old woman living in the jungle.

Some years later, the boy was named Phraya Pan was adopted by the king of Kanchanaburi. Several years later, King Phraya Kong of Ratchabur failed to pay the due to taxes to the king of Kanchanaburi. Furthermore, king of Kanchanaburi states war to the King Phraya Kong of Ratchabur and sent an army was led by Phraya Pan, the son of King Phraya Kong. As predicted, Phraya Pan killed his own father and took possession of the town. As the tradition granted him, he takes the wife of King Phraya Kong of
Ratchabur as his concubine, which is none other than his own mother. However, she told him the real history of his birth. Phraya Pan was angry about and killed the old women who raised him because she never tell him the truth. After he killed the women, he realised his terrible crime and redeem himself by building the highest chedi ever built.

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Phra Pathom Chedi is not only the best religy spot of vacation in Thailand but also a source of great history for a historian who want to explore about Buddhist.

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Sipadan island is one of the 5 nice islands for vacation in Malaysia. This island allows you enjoy snorkeling and diving, where not all of the island provide this service. Snorkeling and diving are the top services on the island,even there are some agents travel who refused to serve tourists who do not take the snorkeling and diving. Yes, snorkeling and diving is the icon of the island in addition to the beautiful scenery and the clean white sand around the edge of the island.

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In this article I will share about snorkeling and diving in Sipadan Island, how do you reach the island, what the experience you earn and tips that you should take during snorkeling and diving.

If you take a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, you need 3 hours of flight and if you take a hotel in Kota Kinabalu in Borneo you need a flight for 55 minutes fatherly reach Tuwau. Subsequently, from Semporna Harbour, you will travel with a fast boat to reach the Kapalai or Mabul island about 45 minutes. Then the trip will continued to Sipadan Island for 25 minutes if you are from Mabul and 15 minutes if you are from Kapalai.

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Snorkeling will take you enjoy shallow sea filled with beautiful coral reef with small fishes dazzling colors and a small herd of turtles to giant turtles. You could be touching them and it is fabulous. If you have more guts, you can dive and saw barracuda, a huge shoal of giant 'lumphead' fish, large sharks, a large turtle and bufferfly fish. You could touch them, it's awesome.

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One thing you should consider is the manager of this island only allows 120 visitors per day, so you have to book several days in advance to get a turn. It's good you also bring your own food and drinks, because the island does not provide a restaurant with a menu suitable for the tastes of foreigners abroad. You will only see Malaysian food as bland chicken, rice and vegetables.

I hope this article will help you to get your best holidays in Sipadan Island-Malaysia.

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Dreamland Beach is one of the famous beaches in Bali are visited by foreign and domestic tourists. Actually, what's the secret of the beach so it always crowded with tourists?

1. Beautiful name

Unlike other beaches, this beach has a beautiful name and make visitors curious. "Dreamland" is a name that can anesthetize every person who dreams of a wonderful and beautiful place like in heaven. Everyone who heard it, definitely want to prove whether this beach is really a dream land?

2. A view to the beach

When you enter Dreamland beach area, you will be treated to beautiful scenery. Thousands of acres of green golf courses, beautiful gardens and beautiful villas are scattered in the region. This scene really spoil the visitors who love the natural scenery with an expert touch of a gentle hand garden arrangement. This scenery will make you feel at home and comfortable throughout the area to ​​the beach.

3. Cliffs and Rocks

Cliffs and towering rocks along the coast is an eye-catching view of every visitor who came to this beach. They seemed to wave and call to visit again and again. They can also be a nice background for taking pictures of the visitors who have a hobby of photography.

4. White sand and waves

Clean white sand along the beach allows all visitors to lay down comfortably even without a base while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views of the surrounding beaches.

Tall and big waves also provide comfort for visitors to enjoy surfing and other marine sports. Currently, this beach has a new surf spots in Bali.

5. Culinary experience

This beach also presents a memorable culinary experience. You can enjoy a variety of Indonesian cuisine that eliminates your hunger and thirst that are provided at the food courts that was provided by coastal managers. Here, you will easily find your favorite food and beverages.

Well, here's the five secret why Dreamland beach are able to invite many visitors throughout the year, especially in the holiday season. Interested to visit this beach? Plan your holiday as soon as possible and enjoy "a dream land."