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Bali's beautiful beaches and unique culture have attracted million of Westerners for many decades for spending holidays. Most of them stay for some days even for some months in Bali. So it is important to make some plans before you go. These nice tips to get vacation in Bali, you should take to make sure your travel smooth and free from hassle.

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Travel Preparation


Check your passport and watch the expiration date. Make sure that it has six months' validity, because like many countries, Indonesia will accept you if your passport meet range of the time from the date of your arrival in the country. If yours does not, please renew it before you determine your departure.


Once you get to Denpasar's international airport, prepare a packet of materials to apply for a Visa Arrival. For the application, you will charge about $50 in cash and prepare your passport, two passport photos and proof of your return flight. The tourist visa will allow you stay in Bali for 30 days.


Make sure you prepare your health kit such as deep woods mosquito repellent to guard against dengue fever and malaria if you want to spend long periods in the rural interior of Bali for trekking. Strong sunblock is also important be prepared to cope Bali's equator sunshine.

During stay in Bali


Choose a vacation destination you want to use as a base like beaches, shopping spots or resorts. There are many hotels and resorts around the beaches you want to visit that serve in a very good fit for your budget range and interests. Kuta Beach and Nusa Dua Beach are nice places for your base at once for surfing.


Prepare your book trips on guided mini-bus tours to make sure you enjoy on the ground you cover. Even, travelers who normally unwilling use it should take at least one of these when stay in Bali.


Surf or scuba dive is a major activities for most tourists in Bali. When you want to surf, learn how to surf. You can ask it at some surf guides that provided by the resorts. Here, you will find cheap price by both regional and international criteria. Most of scuba and surf school in Bali offers regular classes for beginners.


Take the time to go to Ubud. The small town in south-central Bali provides crafts and performing arts at once you can see full of shrines in Bali.
Ubud also the most central location for visiting many of Bali's historic ruins, such as the Elephant Cave, a Hindu sanctuary built in the ninth century.


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