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Singapore is one of many countries in South East Asia that provides many top tourist attractions. The country not only has green environment but also great service for shopping, exploring and enjoying many interesting spots for tourists. Here, I will share you 5 top tourists attraction in Singapore for your reference before you plan your vacation in the country.

1. Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore is the studio that provides seven themed sections of countless rides and shows related with the major hit movies. When you visit the studio, you will find seven themed sections such as Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. Here, you can bring your children to enjoy major hit movies that suitable with their age.

2. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the best shopping street of Singapore that provides plenty of pedestrian malls. Here, you can shopping for finding fashion, accessories, cosmetics, healthcare products and many other products, enjoy the night throughout the street, enjoy some foods and drinks in numerous upmarket restaurants, cafes and coffee chains. Orchard Road I also the official residence of the President of Singapore. I think it is the best place for you who want spending night with shopping and enjoying culinary.

3. Merlion Park

Merlion Park is located at the center of the city that surrounded by plenty of famous building in Singapore. One the best monument in this place is Merlion Statue. Merlion statue is the highlight of the park as well as the nation symbol of Singapore. It is the proud icon of Singapore. Merlion is term to express the combination of "mer" that means sea and "lion". Yes, Merlion represents the original name of Singapore that means 'lion city". If you visit the park you will know the history of Singapore.

4. Singapore National Museum

Singapore National Museum is the oldest museum in the country. When you visit the museum you will find Singapore treasures, Singapore History Gallery, Singapore Living Gallery, Gold Ornaments, Resource Center, New Wireless Technology and Architecture of Singapore. Yes, the museum tells you all about Singapore's history. It is very suitable for vacation as well as study and research.

Here, you can see the Singapore Stone that supposed built in the 13th century, Singapore's history from the 14th century, features exhibits of photography, audio and video wireless technology and more interesting discoveries of Singapore.

5. Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is the world's first night zoo. The safari not only provides entertainment for visitors but also dedicated for conservation, rescue, research and study for improvement animals live. It is the home of about 1,040 animlas of 120 species which 29% of them are threatened species. Most of the animals are nocturnal, they hunt in the dusk. Here, the animals placed like them on the jungle, visitors can explore the night zoo by tram.

I hope all the information about 5 top tourist attractions in Singapore above is useful for you to determine the best places for your vacation in Singapore. One thing to note when you visit the top tourist attractions in Singapore above is you just need one hotel or home stay throughout the vacation.

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