Monday, June 30, 2014

Diving is the most major activities in Bali. Million of travelers try to learn and spend their time for the water sport. So, how to combine among low prices, high standards and outstanding tropical dive sites in Bali? The following is five tips for diving in Bali that contains some numbers of precautions that will keep you safe from the reefs and wrecks of Bali and get a pleasurable experience.

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Choose one of the nice beaches for diving on the east coast or the northeastern corner of Bali. Kuta and Seminyak are recommended for the goal. There are many
Dive operators ferry clients by mini-bus from the both of beaches. If you want to determine your diving base, Tulamben and Candi Dasa are examples of towns with right diving sites.


Try to investigate some dive operators by checking out their rates, making sure their equipment and looking at their dive boat if possible. It is important to get low price with high standard. Tell to the dive operator how long you will dive and inquire about having a set of rental equipment for your sole use throughout your stay.


Make sure you have ideal weights, it is important for asking some weights to your weight belt. Different equipment plus any weight loss or gain can influence your buoyancy. If you are doubt ask to make a little heavier than a lot lighter.


Once you arrive at the dive shop or dock, inspect your rental gear thoroughly, especially the regulator before the first dive. Your safety depends on how well this unfamiliar equipment works.


Study all the dive sites of the day, understand the dive plan and exercise basic underwater navigation techniques. So, exercise a self-help attitude at all times.

Hopefully, five tips for diving in Bali as above will help you for getting best experience.


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