Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Now, you have get your vacation destination, so what should you do to make you and your toddler feel at home being there? The following is tips for vacation with toddler (part II-being there) for the goal.

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1. Set the hotel room like your home, where your toddler able to play well. Let him get out his toys and try to loss some rules during him playing. This tips will help him feel at home with the new place.

2. Try to read your toddler's mind to know what he wants. Avoid to force him to follow your idea, toddler will feel discomfort with adult planning that does not involve his instinct.

3. Make a planning for snacking. Give your toddler snack that familiar with his taste and avoid to force your toddler to enjoy dinner in front of him. Let him release travel-weary to return his energy.

4. Avoid to read your book, before your toddler go bed. It is a good idea if you use your hand phones during wait your toddler sleeping and let the lamp turn off.

5. Avoid your relatives to hold him too much. It is a good idea if you bring your toddler go out to get fresh air. Taking lots of break will help him feel better and release travel- weary.

6. Let your toddler enjoy his old habits, where you never think about such as he can't control his urinary, wants his pacifier and easing up your plans on him.

7. Give warm bathing for your toddler, it will help him calm and feel better. Let him taking warm bathing with his toys. You can also bring him to hotel pool and let him playing for a while.

8. Take turns with your partner to serve your toddler's needs. So, you can keep you on fit condition. Avoid to force yourself just for your toddler, you should enjoy the vacation too.

9. Use your feeling to make your toddler comfort by giving his favorite food, toys and habits. Easing your rules for your toddler to make him comfort and enjoy the vacation.

10. Try to be kind to each other and avoid stressful with the unusual habits of your toddler. Make your vacation as the best moment to do the best action that make you relaxing both your body and soul.

Hopefully tips for vacation with toddler (part II-being there) will help you get the nice moment during vacation.

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