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Indonesia is the country in South East Asia that has many best natural vacation destinations for releasing your fatigue and noise of the city and the routines of work that makes your body and your soul feels depressed. Through this article, I will share you some best natural vacation destinations in Indonesia for getting relaxation during your holidays.

1. Toba Lake ( Danau Toba)

Toba lake or Danau Toba is located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. It is the volcanic lake with 100 km of length and 30 km of wide. The lake is the largest lake in South East Asia with the small island in the center of lake that called as Pulau Samosir or Samosir Island. Around of the lake has beautiful scenery and fresh air. It is very good for getting refreshing and enjoy natural touch during your vacation with surround the lake by rent the boat.

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2. Bromo Mount (Gunung Bromo)

Bromo Mount or Gunung Bromo is located in the mountain complex of Tengger Mountain in East Java. The mount listed in four regions namely Kabupaten Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Kabupaten Malang. The height of the mount is 2,392 from the sea with the crater has diameter 800 meters.

The unique of the Mount Bromo is the crater of the mount with the amazing shape. The crater is still active, you can see the smoke come out from the crater through the year. Around the mount has nice scenery and you can enjoy the sunrise from the location. One to note when you visit the Bromo Mount is the cold air. You should wear the thick clothes to avoid the cold air that stab your bone.

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3. Kalimitu Lake (Danau Kalimutu)

The lake is located in Flores Mount in Ende region, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The lake is three craters with different colors. Red, green and blue. The red lake is called as Tiwu Ata Polo, the green lake is called Nua Muri Kooh Fai Tiwu, and the blue lake is called as Ata Tiwu Mbupu. The lake is the nine wonders of the world. The unique of the lake is the color of water can change at any time from red to dark green, red hearts, light green, dark brown or blue sky. It is the amazing natural phenomenon.

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4. Jayawijaya Peak (Puncak Jayawijaya)

The peak is located in Papua region, Indonesia. The peak has 4884 meters height. It is includes of the top seven continents with the phenomenal scenery, because the peak is covered by eternal snow, which the only the amazing phenomenon in the tropic.

When you visit the Jayawijaya Peak, you can also enjoy the unique culture of local residents that full of native cultural, where they do not wear clothes, both male and female and has unique rituals. Yes, they still life natural.

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5. Krakatoa Mount (Gunung Krakatau)

Krakatoa Mount or Gunung Krakatau is located in the Sunda strait, between Java and Sumatra island, Indonesia. The mount has big eruption in August 26, 1883 that shake the earth until the Java and Sumatra islands was separated. The eruption was so powerful; clouds heat and resulting tsunami killed about 36,000 people. The eruption of Krakatoa caused global climate change. The world was dark for two and a half days due to volcanic ash that covered the atmosphere. The sun was shining dim until next year. Scattering of dust is visible in the sky Norway to New York.

Currently, Krakatoa Mount or Gunung Krakatau still result the smoke through out the year. You can enjoy the phenomenon of the mount using the boat surround the area.

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I hope the article will help you for determining your vacation planning for getting best natural vacation destinations in Indonesia.

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